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The video box is an IP Monitor.

The picture shows 6 VideoBoxes used in combination with OS Scada (2 screens, mid-below) to easely select cameras from plans for 1 observation desk in a control room. In the back VIM (Virtuele IP Matrix) and OCM (OS Communication Server) are used for handling more desks, see also the OS System.

VideoBox usage in a controlroom

The cameras shown on the VideoBox are IP Cameras. More and more companies have cameras connected to their network, security or observation (also in temporarily situations). This is done because the wiring is relatively easy technically. Therefore no special wiring is needed (like coax). The network infrastructure and available devices in recent years greatly improved and extended making it appealing, using this transport medium. The 'IP' for monitor or camera shows a relationship to network equipment.

The VideoBox not only shows IP cameras but also films, still-images, webpages and more. Therefore it can be userd in the broadcast branche. The VideoBox can show 1 or more sources at once thought a layout. At this moment 37 layouts are implemented, some with picture-in-picture. Through recognising RFID tags or batches or events it can display specific content. Ask for our brochure to get more information about the possibilities.

The VideoBox is also used in other solutions for example in 'Interactive mirrors'.

IP Cameras and the VideoBox

Images of the IP Cameras are converted into digital information for the network, this is called encoding. On the other hand, when out of the network adapted to display, this is called decoding.



Techniques used for encoding

Suppliers of these encoders and decoders

The encoders and decoders of all the suppliers have their own specifications and are not compatible.

Why the VideoBox

Types of VideoBoxes

More information, price and possibilities of the VideoBox?

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